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Post news RSS Echo #45: Productive week

This week was quite productive! Pretty explosions, spaceship building improvements and old problem fixes.

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This week was quite productive!

First of all, I have made unleashed Missile Strike ability effect.
Old unleashed Missile Strike was shooting one big slow missile instead of many small ones and in some cases unleashed Missile Strike was weaker than regular one.

Now unleashed Missile Strike simply summons additional missile, that deals 100% of total relay damage, if Missile Strike is maxed. It's not very powerful effect, because I couldn't make it any more powerful for balance - Missile Strike has really low cooldown and so it has much higher unleash chance than other abilities. But that additional missile, summoned by the unleashed Missile Strike, makes pretty explosions, so despite the fact that it deals little damage, I really like new unleashed effect and I hope you guys will like it too.

After making pretty explosions, I have improved spaceship building.
I have made a simple part installing/uninstalling animation.
I imagine that the weapons, processors, engines and other parts of futuristic, modifiable, city-sized military spaceship should have pretty complex programs in them, so I think that installation animation is a must be!

Changes to the spaceship building weren't just cosmetic.
When building spaceship, parts used to fail to be placed in the building field and that made spaceship building slower and slightly irritating, especially when building large spaceship.
That's fixed now!

I have also fixed other old problem.
Players had been telling me about armour and ether bars being in wrong place for long time.
I have finally relocated them, now bars are closer to screen center.

Lastly, I have began working on better ability interface.
I have made upgrading/downgrading animations and cleaned up ability description screen.
It still needs some polishing and I hope to have it done next week.

Next week I'll work on many different things, because I'll try to make the update ready by the end of the week and I have a lot of things on my list!

Until next time!





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