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Post news RSS Echo #30: Great news! Game update, Steam Greenlight, Kickstarter and more!

Big things are going to happen to Sector Six soon - Steam Greenlight, Kickstarter campaign and combat overhaul release!

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This time I got pretty good news!
Big things are going to happen to Sector Six soon!

Since I am unable to get the money any other way, in order to keep electricity and finish Sector Six, I am going to start selling game as soon as possible.
So, here's what's going to happen...

Sector Six update.

First I am going to release new version of Sector Six.
This will happen very soon!
New version features vastly improved combat system, new abilities, improved graphic, pause and key remapping system, epic new boss and more!
Since I didn't had enough time to make them compatible with new combat system, new version will have no tutorial and story missions.
And maybe some other problems.
But all problems will be fixed ASAP.

Sector Six on Mac and Linux.

With update, I will upload additional Sector Six versions for Mac and Linux!
Hopefully that will allow more people to enjoy Sector Six.

Sector Six Kickstarter campaign.

Kickstarter campaign may be my only chance to finish Sector Six!
People who will donate, will earn awesome rewards, including Sector Six Steam key!

Sector Six Greenlight.

Sector Six is going to Steam Greenlight!
Ever since I began developing Sector Six, my biggest goal was to get it into Steam store.
Many people wanted for Sector Six to be uploaded to Steam Greenlight and this is finally going to happen.

Support Sector Six!

Soon I will need some serious help, so keep an eye out for updates, join Sector Six Steam group, spread the word and get ready for with Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaigns!

Until next time!








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