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Echo #26: Nothing much done this week, but next week I'll be building new boss!

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Unfortunately, this week I haven't done much, because I didn't had my computer.
But my computer is back now and next week I'll be making new boss!

Old bosses - invasion core, assault carrier and onslaught leader - were awkward and uninteresting to fight.

Due to the limitations of old combat system, I was unable to improve them.
But old combat system is gone, so now it's time for good bosses!

New boss will be good, because:

  • It will use new combat mechanics like shields, ballistic missiles and improved AI.
  • It will have six deadly abilities.
  • It will have many destructible parts and weapons.
  • It will have good rewards.
  • It will require a lot of skill to take it down.

Also, to reach new boss, you will have to get through many boss guardians - unique enemies that can only be fought in boss missions.

This is the chance for me to built something, that will turn Sector Six a much better game!
Hopefully it will be as epic as I imagine it now.

Until next week!


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