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First echo about the combat overhaul. Huge progress!

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It wasn't easy to start updating combat...
I wasn't sure about control scheme, enemy armour pieces and other things.
Decisions were hard to make and codes were hard to write.

But I've spend many, many hours and everything worked out.
I've broke my personal development length record!

New control scheme is mouse free, like promised.
Abilities are activated by pressing 0-9 and movement is controlled arrow keys.
I don't know how it works for right handed people, but it works for me.
Anyway, players will be able to customize controls, so I hope it won't be a problem.
Dialogues and alloy container controls didn't change, it's still E and Q.

I have replaced lasers with missiles.
This is just because I decided that missiles look better than these small odd red flying stripes.

I have reworked heavy, now he uses three abilities.
First ability is normal attack, which launches large missile.
Second ability releases two mines that makes avoiding aforementioned large missile harder.
Third ability makes heavy move faster and reduces cooldowns of other abilities for few seconds.
Also if you don't break heavy's side armour it will barrage your spaceship with missiles!

That's pretty much all I did this week.
Next week I am planning to add new player abilities, new enemies and maybe even ability unleashing/critical hit system.

PS: How's version 0.3.5? Does save system work?




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