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PoRovoz Studios proudly presents a new sci-fi, real-time strategy title - Earth Liberation. Are we alone in the universe? On August 7th, 2077 it was confirmed: we are not! An alien reptile race, having a significant technical advantage, wipes out humanity off the face of our planet. For the first time in history, we finally join forces to fight the common enemy and recapture Earth.

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The fate of Earth Liberation depends on you! Train tactical squads of air and ground units, resist relentless enemy pressure, pick the right moment and devise shrewd counter attacks on your foe’s bases. Fight in different parts of the planet. Each mission is meticulously designed by hand and contains vicious surprises from your enemy. Every type of unit has it’s own key elements, weakness and strengths. Battle difficulty progresses with the addition of new unit types and requires a more thoughtful approach to complete the mission.

Your squads will contain characters belonging to an ancient warrior clan. Their special ability to regenerate and superior fire power could prove to be the key to success. Discover their legacy in our engaging background story and use these heroes wisely.


Earth Liberation is crafted as a set of single player challenges and allows you to spend 15 minutes on one of the missions, while you wait for your significant other to get ready, or kill the most part of a lazy sunday afternoon spreading green alien lizard blood all over the landscape while you progress to more difficult challenges.


WARNING! We are not responsible for any damage you might afflict to your computing equipment.

Key game features:

  • Short, intensive play sessions
  • Customizable defensive and offensive tactics using air and ground units
  • Each type of unit serves a specific purpose during battles
  • Progressive gameplay difficulty
  • Engaging background story
  • Meticulous, individual mission scenario design
  • Variety of battle landscapes

If you have what it takes, mission by mission, you will Liberate Earth!





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