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Tired of seeing games with boring AI? Look here, this game will finally have a living world of NPCs and monsters that you can interact with and tons of fun to keep you playing.

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Etheria Offline aims to let you have fun in a fantasy world where NPCs behave like real players, and keep existing when you are not around them. Hunt monsters in this hard game, that have various tactics, dash, dodge, jump, bite, throw projectiles, cast spells and more.

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The main features of Etheria Offline are:

  • Fun and smart NPCs (non-player character) that will make you believe you are playing an online game, they have their own lives and personalities, even when they are not in your area
  • Monsters that have diverse tactics to bring you on your knees, dash, dodge, throw, bite and a lot more
  • Cute pets that you can grow, to help you on your adventure
  • A big fantastic world to explore, with different themes and monsters for each area
  • Interesting weapons that actually play differently, with different spell scrolls to help you in combat
  • Arena to show off your skills, parties to join your NPC friends, guilds and more
  • Events that give special item drops and spawn special monsters
  • Mini games that will bring even more fun
  • A story and side quests to complete the game

If you want to find out more or read small updates you can also visit me at my blog below:

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