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Hello, We have been working on this release for quite some time now, here it is :) This is the preview of our pre-alpha build and the early alpha access will follow soon after this. It is free for all now, but soon we will enable PayPal purchase through the app, and it will become live with the next major update, which will become early-alpha access. To download it you will have to register on our forum and then go to development section.

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Hello ppl,

If you want to try out our VR OSE please go to our SpaceSys Forum and register there, you will find the links in the development thread. Also please check the controls manual, it is much easier to work with it it if you know how :)

This is a preview of our early access that will go live later, we still need to implement few things into it until we are satisfied and call it an Alpha. The install is free for all now, we need as much as possible input and feedback, later on we will go for a Kickstarter campaign and there you will be able to participate in the development.

This is a full system / file browser, it is a real thing, so don't delete things you might miss later.

Install notes:

Full Install includes all available worlds and all prerequisites (dl. size approx. 1.2 GB).

Worlds install includes all worlds but no prerequisites (dl .size approx. 1 GB)

Basic install contains only the installer for application binaries (dl size 21 MB). Prerequisites and any selected optional features are downloaded only if required (i.e. if not already available on target machine)

To install from any of the packages, please unzip to a folder and run 3DeaSpaceSysSetup.exe

New features:

  • Dropping and pasting icons into global space
  • Per world configurations
  • Creating new spaces and points of interest from context menu
  • Grouped moving and rotating of global icons
  • Renaming and deleting global icons (F2 / Del buttons / ctx menu)
  • Resetting global icons axes (F5 button)
  • Saving global objects (spaces, icons and points of interest) on exit
  • Closing spaces / points of interest (ctx menu)
  • Stereoscopy / Oculus Rift support (enabled in Config tool => Environment)
  • Fourth mouse button support (move global objects in vertical plane)
  • Move to next / previous space (double click on "Move Left" / "Move Right" buttons)
  • Prevent spaces from colliding if collision detection enabled
  • Limit icons movement inside space to vertical axis
  • Reset current world by holding left ALT button while exiting SpaceSys (Ctrl + Q + LAlt)


  • Spaces resized for a thiner look
  • Various changes and optimizations to global objects detection and movement
  • Some improvements to player movement (mouse scroll button)
  • Icons / spaces collision behavior improvements
  • Additional settings in Config tool

World changes:

  • Time speed in Island world changed to reflect real life
  • Various graphical and audio material improvements
  • Dozens of new 3D icons for known applications

Thank you,

3DEA team

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