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Here is some useful information! I have released my mod as an early access for you.

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There are probably still some errors, but the mod is still in the making process so be kind.

Another point is that some people asked for the modding tool, so I have also release an experimental version of it and sometime later I will release an universal version which you could use for other modules aswell. At the moment you can only use it for my module or you have to change some variables and test around.

If you have questions I will try to answer as fast as I can.

For testing purposes I would recommend to join my Steam group. Also you can add me as your friend, but only if you want.

Common problems:

- The module folder name is incorrect --> name it "Colosseum" without the "

- I can't host a game --> try again with a dedicated server from here

- I can't find the server --> check the module name and maybe search for it without filters. It is possible that the server is offline sometimes because of some testing or restaring, etc. Just search again or try


  • (1.1 - X.X.X.X):
    • changed HP display (-> healthbars)
    • added new troops
    • added new items
    • new Bot behavior
    • Coop Mode/Custom Battle:
      • Upgradeable Bots
      • Upgradeable Character
      • Weapon Shop
      • Healing Station
      • etc.
    • etc.

    • bot respawn/revival fixed
    • removed unused resources
    • details were changed
    • some troops were adjusted
  • 1.0.6:
    • added bot revival
    • added new map - "The Colosseum/Das Kolosseum"
    • added new flags/banners
    • added music
    • added new loadingscreen and main menu image
    • changed userinterface (shield damage, healthbar, ...)
    • fixed some bugs
    • adjusted game mode "Boss Fight"
    • (added game mode "Colosseum Coop" - NOT READY YET)
    • changed HP display (and removed player name from display)
  • 1.0 -
    • added 13 boss troops
    • added 9 boss fighter troops
    • added some banners
    • added HP display
    • added new game mode "Boss Fight"
    • added player revival (with Soul dagger in hand)
    • added player healing (with Medic healing item)
    • added factions (Zodiac Bosses and Boss Fighters)
    • etc.
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