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Post news RSS Early Access Update v0.9.6: Field Work Package

As mentioned last week, here’s the little surprise package, in addition to multiple bug fixes and optimizations as part of v0.9.5 (Tombstone) recovery.

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As mentioned last week, here’s the little surprise package, in addition to multiple bug fixes and optimizations as part of v0.9.5 (Tombstone) recovery.

In this update we’re releasing an eight-part field work package with Lemken machines. This includes power harrows, seedbed combinations as well as grain and maize drill machines. It’s completed by a fertilizer tank and a subsoil loosener. The new machinery allows farmers with smaller operations to work more precisely, as we’ve included a handful of 3m (9 ft 10”) machines. There are also 6m (19 ft 8”) variants of the same model series included, though, for the larger fields.

You’ll find a full overview in the change log.


  • NEW Lemken Azurit 9/4.75 (3m maize seed drill machine)
  • NEW Lemken Azurit 9/8.75 (6m maize seed drill machine, foldable)
  • NEW Lemken Gemini 7/1000 (Front liquid fertilizer tank)
  • NEW Lemken Korund 8/600 (6m seedbed combination)
  • NEW Lemken Labrador 160 (2m subsoil loosener)
  • NEW Lemken Saphir 7/300-DS 125 (3m grain seed drill machine)
  • NEW Lemken Zirkon 8/300 (3m power harrow)
  • NEW Lemken Zirkon 12/600 K (6m power harrow, foldable)

  • BUG FIX Shop images can be generated again and are no longer just gray
  • BUG FIX NPCs in the village no longer have the wrong shading. General Shading problems with scaled models fixed
  • BUG FIX Field information panels for swath are displayed again in front of the swath
  • BUG FIX Oily graphics on Linux systems was fixed
  • BUG FIX Fixed crash when selecting a dropdown during loading/unloading and leaving the trigger
  • BUG FIX Fixed crash when trying to load without selecting the fill type first
  • BUG FIX The "Washing" window is no longer visible after loading a savegame
  • BUG FIX The factions in the profile menu are now translated
  • BUG FIX Crash while loading the MixKing at the farm storage fixed
  • BUG FIX Fixed wrong spawn location when account balance is less than the vehicle rental price
  • BUG FIX The fence gate at the pasture closes again
  • BUG FIX Fixed missing translation strings in Claas Quadrant
  • BUG FIX Vehicle Shop: translated descriptions are displayed again
  • BUG FIX Joint script methods now always return the correct rotation angle between -180° and 180°
  • BUG FIX Pasture fence collision fixed: the cattle should not be able to escape now
  • BUG FIX Fixed missing NPC models: no more yellow boxes running around the village
  • BUG FIX Shader editor: Parameter dropdown in constants can be selected again

  • CHANGE [Performance] Traffic vehicles now execute less code
  • CHANGE [Performance] Code optimized for machines (dirt, tire tracks)
  • CHANGE Certain console commands now have an additional output in the debug.log (listMachineStates, listPlayerAttributes, listGroundAttributes, listFruitAttributes)
  • CHANGE Removed anti-aliasing option from settings menu as MSAA 4x is used, with a custom resolve shader for better quality
  • CHANGE The player character has received new textures

  • NOTE The new machines have no sounds yet
  • NOTE Just like the Hammer seed units, the Saphir 7 also requires a front attachment machine: the Lemken Zirkon 8/300 power harrow. The Azurits can be attached directly to the tractor's three-point linkage.
  • NOTE The Lemken Gemini front tank can currently only be used for transport, not as an additional tank with the Dammann Land-Cruiser sprayer

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