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New features and changes in the newly released Solid Alpha 1.

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New features and changes:

  • Improved procedural layout generation
  • LOTS of new items
  • New enemies
  • New tent furniture: The Anvil is where provisions can be spent to increase your ammo past the maximum
  • Material gathering from monsters system
  • System for trading materials for equipment
  • New active item, the Butchering Portal: Grab unaware enemies and bring them to the portal for extra materials
  • High-Priority enemies: They yield more materials if killed by portal, drops 1 material if killed normally
  • New characters and events
  • Many new sound effects
  • New music tracks
  • Improved stealth and enemy vision ranges
  • Added more possibilities for making enemies fight between themselves
  • Gamepad support
  • Gamepad button prompts
  • Keyboard and gamepad-specific text based on which is currently being used
  • In-game options menu
  • Key and button rebinding
  • Tutorial area (Partially done)
  • Burning enemies now shakes food off them
  • Drowning enemies now shakes ingredients off them
  • Parrying enemies now shakes provisions off them
  • Small amount of food can be obtained from pots in case of food emergencies
  • Small amount of ingredients can be found on bushes in case of ingredients emergencies
  • Small amount of provisions can be found on grass in case of provisions emergencies
  • Improved monsters spawnpoints randomization
  • Experience is not distributed among equipment that didn’t ‘see combat’
  • Special thanks item box for supporters names. Each item permanently gets assigned one supporter name
  • Haunters now drop materials when trapped in urns
  • Ghost sheet much more useful now, enemy won’t get suspicious at all when seeing the knight on it, but moving around reduces its durability
  • Reworked how exp is earned after clearing rooms, cleared rooms now reward experience based on how many enemies it contained and how hard they were
  • Adjusted equipment material costs
  • Updated penalties for dying
  • Ironman mode
  • Fixed bug where dying in water could cause a crash.
  • Fixed anvil and brewing station tips conflict where seeing one would prevent the other from showing.
  • Fixed bug where player could fall down a hole during a conversation.
  • Fixed bug where opening the help menu would make the options menu not open on the first attempt.
  • Reduced initial rooms difficulty.
  • Reduced Ghallo’s beak damage.
  • Added small event at end of the demo.
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