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Early Access now Released! Here is the changelog for the release version, (v0.1):

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Early Access V0.1 (EA Release)!



Hello everyone!

Thank you for all your positivity so far, it’s fantastic to actually have players!!! Some of the creations being made are quite simply awe inspiring, we love you!

Ok, so we’ve been working around the clock to fix and update as many things as we could, and we’re all a little fried right now BUT we are very happy to release the official Early Access Launch build! Hurrah!

Any issues, please direct them to the Discussion\Bug Reports area In the Steam Community Hub and we’ll get right on them!

Make sure you check out the new EVENT mode!

Looking forward to enjoying making the rest of our game with you all :)

-Super Punk Games Team.


Gamesave Deletion: in the launch build we need to reset the saves (your progress in battleseas). Your fantastic ship creations are safe and we will endeavour to keep them that way!

  • Destructible ruins added to the sandbox scene.
  • Props that are not seen on the main menu are no longer rendered.
  • Added more info to the telescope HUD.
  • Fixed the collision for the Exit button on the main menu.
  • Fixed the mortar not shooting in the FPS cam.
  • Fixed the “Quit game” header text.
  • Added a cloudy level variation to the Versus gamemode!
  • Added additional fragment effects to splitting blocks.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented you from docking.
  • Added a message warning players that their ship may be resource intensive.
  • Fixed block placement issues with sails.
  • Added some Fish Lures….
  • Added some Mech-fish…!
  • Fixed some issues relating to deleting items from the workshop.
  • Added Hulk Class (II) Battle Seas.
  • Disabled the Tilt-Shift effect in the Ship Creator.
  • Fixed sails and masts not casting shadows.
  • Tweaked textures for different tiers of deck blocks.
  • Extended the seabed for all levels.
  • Added a “waiting” animation for when downloading Steam Workshop items.
  • Fixed an issue with the camera zooming out when saving ships.
  • Fixed underwater issue where z issues were preventing the ship being seen.
  • Fixed an issue with the mouse cursor not being locked to the game’s bounds in FPS mode.
  • Fixed an issue with AI and using various weapon types
  • Fixed an issue with decking being hard to delete
  • Added a new “EVENT” mode!
  • Moved the “leaving the playable area” message up a bit
  • Tweaked the camera movement when you win a battle
  • Resized the block popup overlay.
  • Juan wasn’t moving….Juan now moves.
  • Added new SFX for the throttle bell
  • Fixed a SFX bug on the main menu
  • Made the decking double-sided.
  • Added new icons for blocks and keels
  • Tweaked the camera angles for all cannons
  • Tweaked the Tri-cannon AI behavior
  • Nerfed the mortar a bit
  • Tweaked the AI in foggy levels
  • Fixed an issue with not being able to fire a tri-cannon with space (Bank firing)
  • Fixed an issue with the fire effect not disappearing when an on-fire block is despawned
  • Fixed an issue with ship thumbnails not working correctly on Steam Workshop
  • Added new Directional arrow graphic for the ship creator
  • Fixed an issue allowing you to control enemy fire cannons
  • Fixed an issue with not being able to surrender in VS mode
  • Fixed an issue with won stars not showing in ship stats.
  • Fixed a bug with an incorrectly rotated attachment point on medium sized masts.
  • Added a new buoy model.
  • Disabled flamethrowers from firing while underwater.
  • Did a bit more balancing on weapons overall
  • Removed build grid mesh in thumbnail screenshot
  • Fixed an AI issue where it would stop the player from gaining stars, the pesky little AI!
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