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NEW FEATURES • Online-multiplayer • Training area • "Start with your family" scenario • Game manual • Improved survivor AI.

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The version 0.5 of "Dust : The Abandoned Land" is the largest update so far. It introduces (1) online multiplayer, (2) the training area, (3) a new starting scenario, (4) a game manual , and (5) many new small features and improvements.

First, the multiplayer! You can now play with other players over the internet. Like with split-screen multiplayer, you can play together or again with each other. Note: Split-screen multiplayer can be combined with multiplayer over the internet.

In the training camp, you can try all the weapons, enrolling and giving orders to human NPCs, and fighting monsters, robots, soldiers and other survivors in an arena (or make them fight each other and watch). Bonus: The training camp also works for multiplayer.

In the new scenario "in house with my family", you start in your house as the chef of the family. It is up to you to figure how to keep it safe (or to send them fighting for you).

Finally, the v0.5 introduces improvements and small features that make the game more pleasant.

Features (game)
- Support for multiplayer online!
- Manuel explaining the game core mechanics.
- New "In house with family" starting scenario.
- Training arena
- Humans leave a skull when eaten by a monster.
- Some days will be foggy.
- Waking someone makes him confused for 4s.
- Hunger / thirst don't increase when sleeping.
- Color of the laser of the scanner robot changed from red to blue.
- Medkit increases natural healing for the next 2h in-game hours.
- Survivors better prioritize applying bandages or using medkit on fainted friends depending on the situation.
- Survivors fain when having less than 10% HP. Wake-up when HP>10%.
- Players and other non-survivor mobs don't faint on low HP.
- Healing when fated is only possible when in bed or with a medkit.
- Players receive the house keys when spanning in a house.
- Survivors can describe what they are doing when talking to them.
- Reduce the priority of eating for basic mobs (compared to other actions like fighting).
- Creatures take longer to eat a body.
- Gifts are restricted to food and guns. Gits have more impact.
- Survivors have more food on them.
- Survivors are more common.
- Robot tanks drop nuclear batteries (was regular batteries).
- Prisonier can be carried attached with a rope.
- Distance signs to cities (and other locations) are available from further away.
- Buttons have metal strength rating (was wood).
- No more "leaders". Being in a group of survivors is enough to give orders.
- Increase vision radius when sleeping by 1m.
- Dynamite runs for 5s before explosion (was 7s).
- Update the documents / letter / journal contents.

Features (engine)
- Change minimum requirement from Java9 to Java 8.
- Display tip when the mouse is over the right side menu.
- Equip item by drag-dropping it on the character (in inventory)
- Lighter's main action is to set something on fire (was switching it on/off for lighting).
- Change the possible configuration behavior of the survivors: prudent/moderage/risky => run-away/ignore/attack-if-inside/always-attack.
- Change the behavior of survivors when confronted with danger depending on the type of survivor (bandit, lone survivor, girl model, etc.).
- Can destroy / deconstruct / butcher an entity from the inventory without having to help it in hand.
- Talking to a survivor shows how safe they feel.
- Options to "grab in hand + add to favorite".
- Adding a red circle around a hostile survivor.
- Moving the mouse on top of a survivor shows the relation status.
- Inventory button (instead of going to "menu > inventory").
- Custom mouse cursor.
- Can instantiate multiple times the same map template.

- Visual offset of fire camps.
- Vending machines do not always drop content when broken.
- Evaluation of strength of competing armies.
- Bikini cloth not displaying.
- Show under-mouse information when in vehicule.
- Science labs are always connected to a road.
- Science labs can be oriented differently.
- Game window icon.
- Fix particle display glitch.
- Lost time limit for PNC jobs.

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