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NEW FEATURES • Bikes • New procedural world generator • New procedural houses generator • Night street lights.

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The v0.4.0 introduces vehicles to Dust, a new procedural world generator, an improved procedural house generator, and many smaller improvements.

First, the bike. It is not much, but if you find one (and can repair it), you will have a much better chance to escape large hordes of enemies, navigate faster between cities (avoiding night travel), and keep more loot with you.

Crashing into things with the bike is not recommended, but it can have some use :).

This release also introduces a completely re-written procedural world generator. The generation of the world is faster, and the placement of locations (e.g. cities, laboratory, military camps, monster encounters) is more organic. It should make for more interesting games.

Within the house generator for sub-urban cities has also been improved for better diversity.

As always Dust for free :).

You can follow the development of the game:

Detailed change logs


  • Bikes. Allow to move around quickly, avoid troubles and store a few items. Can be equipped with a flashlight to see in the dark.
  • New procedural work generator (faster, more organic).
  • Improved and more diverse procedural house generator.
  • Pre-generated world (so you can start playing immediately).
  • Street lights in cities and highways.
  • New main screen.
  • "Broken car" scenario cannot start in a snow-covered city.
  • Shops have signs showing what they are selling.
  • Ripped clothes are removed.
  • Reduce the amount of liquid used in most crafting recipes.
  • Monsters cannot appear near you when you first spawn in the world.


  • Placement of displayed time when wearing a watch.
  • Rendering radius in the morning.

What's next you ask?

I am working on the release v0.5.0 that allows multiplayer cooperation (or not) over-internet :).

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