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Watch the trailer for the brand new action dungeon crawler RPG the Dungeons of Castle Madness and cast your vote now.

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Calling all heroes! The Dungeons of Castle Madness is a fantasy roleplaying game that combines first person exploration (and the sense of discovery that comes with this) with fast paced combats from a top down perspective. This helps to create a brand new playable experience in the dungeon crawler and action RPG genres. Levels grow to become labyrinthian, battles get bigger and more exciting and all the while the tension builds about just what might be around the next corner.

Tear foes limb from limb as a shapeshifting werewolf... Blast enemies with infernal magics as a powerful wizard... Repair, upgrade and even craft magical items as a highly skilled blacksmith... Charge headlong into the fray as a warrior of the blade... Fry those foolish enough to oppose you with terrible lightning as a storm priest! Or mix these abilities up, and more, discover new spells and play the character you want to play your way.

Gather treasures to you, gain long lost magics and assemble unique artifacts of myth and legend from seperate pieces that lie hidden in dank and dusty chambers. Secrets abound for the curious hero - but be wary - for there are traps too as the Baron of Castle Madness is a cruel and vicious man.

You can help get the Dungeons of Castle Madness greenlit now by casting your vote:

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