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Post news RSS Dungeoncraft coming to Desura May 17

The game is soon to be released on the alpha funding program on Desura.

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Thanks for your interest continued in this game. Since the game will release soon, have some general information:

The game is ~36MB big and will expand to about < 60MB except the savegames, which of course can become infinitely big.

If you seek news about active development I'd advise you to go here:
or to my Twitter: Twitter.com.

The game should be relatively playable. If you do encounter a bug however, please go to the game's forum: Indiedb.com, and post a thread with what you were doing when it happened / what the bug is. Make sure to check that your bug report is not a duplicate. The currently implemented crash dump is not useful at the moment.

If you first play the game I advise you to look at the controls first. If you open the chat and type /help you will get a listing of all chat commands in the game, one of which for example is how to change your playername when joining servers.

Keep in mind that there currently is no way to give server rights or anything to players, so that setting up public servers is not recommended for now (anyone can shutdown the server, etc.).

The game uses port 8881.

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