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Hey everyone, it's me Jason! I would like to update everyone on how 0.2.0 is going, and on other things I have done!

So far, 0.2.0 is coming out great! There will be 2 or 3 new minigames (2 made, might make another) to play from the Extras menu, new sound effects, levels 21-25, new puzzle features, more secrets, improved the Death Counter, and changing a few textures.

I do have another thing I may add, but I would like to get all of your opinions before I do...
A local co-op/multiplayer mode! Being able to play with another person on the same computer. What would you guys think of that??

Also, I have uploaded a Beta Package! It includes all betas from 0.0.1 all the way to 0.1.5. I made this to save some space on my PC, then I decided to upload it!

Steven's Adventure

I hope you download and play Stevens Adventure if you haven't already, and also I DO allow gameplay videos to be uploaded AND monetized for YouTube!

Steven's Adventure 0.1.9 BETA

Also, to help out one of my friends, here is a playthrough that he did of Steven's Adventure!

Thank you for taking your time to read this! Please spread the game around if you enjoyed it! And if you made a Let's Play video on YouTube, put the video link in the comments of this post. I would LOVE to check it out!!

~~~Jason The Gamer

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