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Dungeon Rushers exits early-access today, what's new? We will present the new skill tree system, integration in Steam workshop with more than 450 dungeons created by the players. New features in exploration like switch and secret rooms

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Hello everyone,

We are happy to exit Early-access after 4 months (11 may - 6 sept).

During this early-access, we really improve the quality of the game, by adding new monsters, change the skill tree system, improve the dungeon creation and adding content.

New skill tree system:

The old was really linear, without branching and only improve the 3 fighting skill:

old skill tree

The new one is more complex, with the possibility to have an influence on the exploration abilities, increase the base stats or add effect on spells (a bow shot can become multiple shot, fireshot or multiple fireshot!!!)

Screen Shot 2016 08 15 at 18 05

We add more monsters to balance the fight:

We add some monsters with healing system.

monster 37 fight 0

We add a new character:

Rose is a healer, to help you in the end of Act 2. Boss goblin was a little strong. Rose get heals and capacity to increase DoT damage of all your team.

rose com

More content:

We add one Act (around 6-7 hours of gameplay, for a total 20-25h solo campaign).

The new act (Desert & Pyramids) contains 9 new monsters, 2 new characters, new background (fight / introduction), new rooms, and 3 additionnal soundtracks!

theme 4 background intro 4 background

room 3 1room 14 1room 3 1 1

room 10 1room 5 1room 1 4room 2 1

monster 33 anim channeling 1monster 32 attack 09monster 31 cast 06monster 25 fight 1monster 24 bite 2monster 23 attack 1

We changed a lot of things and add so much more but I won't write everything here. You can find every patch notes in our steam news.

The game will exit early-access, today at 9am PDT:


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