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I have finally released first stable version of the game.

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Check out the new website: Dungeonfray.com

Latest changelog (version 0.4):

  • Perks now indicate locked or not
  • Implemented achievements
  • Game now shows a warning when quitting
  • Scores are now properly displayed when finishing story mode
  • Fixed crash when opting for exactly one perk
  • Implemented debugging and game log
  • Unlocking any four achievements gives you extra perk
  • Fixed several bug regarding saving and loading
  • Fixed game score not saved when changing levels
  • Fixed animation still playing after restarting a game
  • Fixed perk menu not appearing in infinite mode
  • New fantasy style font
  • Fixed map not updating after loading game
  • Removed monster left count from tooltip
  • Fixed when quitting to title, continue doesn't allow most recent savegame
  • Implemented FoW (Fog of War)
  • Message box text is now bigger
  • Improved HUD with bigger size
  • HUD now shows att, def, coins and map info
  • Reduced spell cost
  • Reduced bonus on trained perk
  • Player now start with 15 coins and more coins perk gives you 30 coins
  • Tweaked experience system
  • Fixed monster can take turn after jumping
  • Many other bug fixes and improvements

Launch Trailer:

Try demo: Indiedb.com

Buy Full version for $6.99

As launch offer, you can enter ILOVEROGUELIKE coupon code to get 20% off.

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