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Dungeon fray has been updated to version 0.7 bringing in new features and fixes.

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Changes since version 0.5:

  • Fixed game crashes sometimes when monster is chasing
  • Increased number of coins received on level up
  • Added estimated damage to tooltip
  • Clearing a level now gives a coin bonus
  • Full health is restored when starting a new level
  • Added scoreboard
  • Disabled start-up help screen
  • Help screen is now slightly less wordy
  • Fixed cursor not changing when triggering achievements menu
  • Added more tips to info icon
  • Monsters on first few levels are now less challenging
  • Removed spell on goblin kid
  • Changed mage random spell to zap, permanently reduces enemy def by 1

Feedback appreciated :)

Demo: Indiedb.com
Full version for 6.99: Dungeonfray.com

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