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Quest For Humour Weekly Update #3: The mystery of just the right amount of dungeons!

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Hello Everybody!

My oh my, hasn’t it been an eventful week this week for QFH.
I have been hard at work on some dungeons (wow really? Lol) for the main quest
for the game. This week I managed to do 2 fully functional dungeons but I soon realized
one thing: “Wont people get bored and fed up with all the same dungeon
crawling?” and I thought to myself, yeah, they might!

So how do you fix repetitiveness in a game? Easy, you repeat
a few times then introduce a new mechanic in the game. To give you an example: Let’s say you are on your second dungeon as a
player, and you realize that apart from the second dungeon being a bit harder,
and cosmetically different from the other dungeon you are still enjoying yourself.
You beat the second dungeon & have to complete the third one. On the third
one the difference that the other dungeons shared still remain but now is a
good time to introduce the “new mechanic” or plot twist, whatever you can
conjure up. I find this is a good formula to making the dungeons in the game,
but another one is the ability to maybe not have all the lol stones in dungeons!

So this moves me on to my second thought. To preserve the
games story and idea on why the lol stones are there and where they are being
kept, I need to find a new way to house certain ones, so the player doesn’t get
fed up of spending 15 hours of the game in a dungeon! The ideas that I have
been entertaining are as follows:


Some of the lol stones could be on top of a mountain or
areas of mystery.

More dungeons:

What the heck, it’s easier for me to accomplish!


Deserted islands would make sense as well.

To be honest I think all three of these methods would work
for making the main quest more exciting and less “Dungeony” but I would appreciate every ones
input. Tell me what you think would work, because I’m stuck. In one way
dungeons make sense because that’s a good place to hide “treasure” on the other
hand, there’s only so much I can put in a dungeon before it starts looking very
similar to the last one I made! Feel free to give your opinions on the matter
down in the comments section.

Other stuff I have managed to do this week:



A few islands for later side quests and main ones

3 new party members

Eaten some food

Slept some sleep

Ordered a new computer!

Kissed my lovely fiancé

Wrote this!

Now it’s time for the week In screenshots!

lava island dungeon lava island dungeon
lava island dungeonlava island dungeon

Lava island
Lava island

So there you have it, an actual weekly update that consists
of everything I have done. I hope you have enjoyed the article and I look forward
to hearing your opinions on the game and everything that goes with it. See you
next week!


Killah K2

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