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I'm rushing to finish the first editor level, ready, set, goooo...

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Today, I continued work on the Editor mostly. I am trying to finish the first level by the end of the year. Every time I make progress I realize something new that I am missing. Today had mostly to do with Fog of War. Now the editor allows me to paint areas that the player can/cannot see when the level is loaded.

There were also some bugs I fixed that the bug tracker logged (thank you for testing). So short and sweet, here are today's changes to version

  • Editor: Grow Trees with one button click.
  • Editor: Fixes Rendering Bug
  • Editor: Adds Button to clear grass.
  • Editor: Adds ability to draw fog of war.
  • Bones decay on/off switch.
  • Fixes bug that allowed creatures to walk on water in certain cases.
  • Fixes bug when opening or using the level-up window.

Here is a screenshot from today's progress on the first level, (fog of war not included)

(click to enlarge)

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