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Working on Plant life, fixed a long known bug, and made ui improvements

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This version (v. fixes a bug that I thought I fixed a long time ago and which was mentioned to me countless times: when you try to move a dead creature, the carcass is probably too heavy for your minions and when they arrive to try to pick it up, they will say "That's too much to carry". Well if your minions haven't carried out the command yet and if the carcass disappears after a while, the command still exists and can cause your minions to go nuts. To be honest, I didn't really fix the issue but rather patched it. That is because of my larger side project to replace the AI using behavior trees, which, hopefully, will take care of issues like that.

I also made a small visual change. Objects that you try to place in your dungeon, the rendering of the preview now appear below the shadows (except for wall-torches). Before previews would be rendered above the shadows in full brightness. That didn't help much the player and just didn't look that nice either.
Currently, I have a few larger side projects. Like I mentioned, behavior trees are one, and the other is to upgrade the plant life. So I also began work on grass, flowers and herbs. Here is a sneek peek at some of these new sprite-sheet images:

I am working on the plant-reproduction algorithm, which is fun, well.. more to come.

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