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Awesome! Now, check out my second game. It has loads more of the creepy factor, and its made better! Enjoy :)

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Check out the second game too! It's on my profile.


Welcome to your new summer job at Duck World Arcade! If you ever heard of any... Mishaps involving our establishment,brush those away as we can safely say that they had nothing to do with our establishment. You are provided with a safe security room to make sure any robbers stay out! You have access to a brand new camera and display! Just to make sure you know, the animatrons DO NOT move around. Just deny any rumors about anything. Possession is bogus! Have fun! This game is like no other Five Nights At Freddy's clone. There is assortments of hidden lore to be added into the game. It will probably take a long time to make, because I don't have a lot of free time. Expect this game to come out in April. Thanks :)

Indiedb.com (the download)

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