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Our 0.4 playable build is here for Windows & Linux, with many improvements and a first skeleton of online features!

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DS2 04

Hello again, Fans, Random or Curious reader! <3

It's always tough to make a new public build as, instead of adding new features, bugs and blindly and happily moving forward with the project, you suddenly have to focus solely on what is already there ​(although not always working properly) and make everything stable and clean.

Despite our mess, we managed to deliver something for you once again and you can download and play it here now!.

Meuries shroom 03 Victory 8a

So, what's new in this version?

  • Basic Network: It's a big new feature, yes! Don't expect much, except that it might work and not be user friendly. We decided to leave it in the public build, because why not sharing something we worked on, to players that might try and enjoy it.
  • Paintbomb mode: it has been updated with more levels and new bonuses to spice each games.
  • New Monsters: The Shrooms, for instance. They can be seen in "Survival" and maybe "Grand Tournament" modes, but they are mostly made for the "Adventure" mode, later on.
  • New Bonuses: ​ Slippery ice has been added, and it was not easy. We also added a few new bonuses and improved some existing ones (the freeze one starts to look decent).
  • UI: Validation and button descriptions in menus have changed. It's not perfect but it should be better, until we tackle down the real menus.

There are also many other little changes and probably a few new BUGS as well...?

Please let us know about them! Any kind of feedback is welcome!

Download Dstroy 0.4

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