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We have released the 0.913 beta patch for Drox Operative. This patch adds corruption to more powerful races, adds more consequences to races for outstanding quests, adds an economic lose condition, adds a lose screen, and fixes a bunch of other little things.

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Here's all of the changes for patch 0.913.

Drox Operative

  • fixed "Add flavor to the pot" text
  • added corruption thats slows down leading races some (the higher they are compared to the average power, the more corruption)
  • now race power bar is relative to strongest known race
  • fixed some race specific quests not staying race specific (incognoscente)
  • increased EconomicPointsNeededForWin from 3750.0 to 4500.0
  • now just about every quest has a direct impact to the quest giver's local economy
  • now when races have too much money they will start spending the excess on technology research
  • unrest, riots, rebellions, and civil wars now have a chance to escalate each other if more than one within same race
  • increased chances of ancient monster quests
  • changed PROTOCOL_VERSION to 4
  • added a few quests/events that can only happen to the most powerful race
  • added a few quests/events that can't happen to the most powerful race
  • races should turn on the leading race more often
  • weaker races should ban together more often now
  • fixed getting BaseLevelModifier sometimes
  • fixed world/level modifiers not working on ambient objects
  • decreased the level requirments for a few level modifiers
  • made some of the level modifiers a little more distinct
  • now if propaganda can't start unrest it will try to escalate current unrest
  • removed level requirement for rebellions and civil war
  • fixed a problem where sometimes would lose planet status effects from bad quests being deleted
  • fixed another issue with dimensional pocket levels (ShaggyMoose)
  • now only send discovered planet message to player that scanned the planet
  • race ships now have less armor plating and structure
  • tripled Patchwork monster's xp (jerebaldo1)
  • added a lose screen
  • you can now lose a sector if you cost the Drox Guild too much money (dying loses them money, but solved quests makes them money)
  • now show armor and structure regen to 2 decimal places (Crisses)
  • fixed PowerGridFailure thanks text (Roswitha)

Drox Operative

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