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Drone Zero Gravity Expansion "The Beginning", Bringing More Than Just Extra Levels.

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10/2/2015--A little over a year to the release date later, Drone Zero Gravity introduces a supplementary story mode titled "The Beginning". Aside from the 10 stunning levels included, DZG packs more music and a multitude of new updates spanning from audio improvements to artistic enhancements. The developer, Isaac Nichols, posted an update on the games Steam page recently with all the details. Here's what to expect below.

dzg exp screenshot 1



  • Fixed issue with SFX and MUSIC sliders not saving position and volume
  • SFX mix improved overall - mid to low frequency build up lowered
  • Adjusted projectiles SFX
  • Tamed issue where some SFX (i.e. mines) stacked causing an overload in volume
  • Added additional SFX overall
  • Added 8 additional instrumentals to soundtrack in expansion


  • Included some daytime levels in expansion


  • Added rumble feedback - work in progress
  • Added input detection (keyboard or gamepad) for screen prompts


  • Added 10 additional levels
  • Created an invincibility state for a short duration so the player can’t die immediately after respawning if another enemy deals a deadly blow
  • Added some skip buttons for certain scenes – still in progress
  • Revised interactive tutorial on gameplay basics and added a video tutorial on how the two checkpoint systems work for the first release and the story expansion
  • Improved some balancing
  • Added some new enemy types


  • Fixed bloom issue related to skybox that varied in brightness between lower and higher graphical settings
  • Added additional experimental setting “Snazzy Effects” that adds additional post processing effect to add some artistic flare
  • Added ambient occlusion


  • Added a subtle visual cue to the bottom of the screen when an attackable enemy is in range
  • Improved style cohesiveness throughout HUD and menus


  • Improved art for projectiles
  • Improved players lamp
  • Tamed camera shake on some events
  • Added additional snazzy effects to enemies when destroyed


  • Added some additional Steam Achievements

dzg exp screenshot 2

Lastly, the developer mentioned that this expansion comes at no extra cost. If you already own or buy a copy later, it will be included with your purchase.

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