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Post news RSS Drive mgpls Update[1/28/2016->2/5/2016]

New flickering green light in the city, car updates for rain mode.

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We have been working hard this last week since the last updates and we have lots of stuff to show you guys before the end of Febraury.
This week was spent mostly fixing bugs:
we have started adding rain glass mode to all cars:

Screenshot 2016 02 06 18 55 41

Screenshot 2016 02 06 10 04 48

added flickering green light on intersections:

added new loading screens:

Screenshot 2016 02 06 10 03 11

update darknight mode making it even more darker and added it to the menu

Screenshot 2016 02 06 10 23 45

Full changelog here:

12:02 PM 2/5/2016
added new correct way of wipers clearing
added service for internal
log*n car added wipers, correct clean, added glass
remove wiper grey thingy

10:29 AM 1/31/2016
started porting new newton vehicle model
update new loading screens+patch trsl tables
fix car respawn bug
need to add flickering green light, when it's 50% for example[idea #1, lists where it's green we have them already, now we need to find the correct mesh to hide/enable her!][FOR THAT WE NEED TO START EDITING INTERSECTION WITH COLORS, we actually need to write into some file which mesh at what frame should start flicker]
bug found,each semaphor require different timer, we need to update timer stuff internally

11:05 AM 1/30/2016
upgraded grass causes problems for dead Z objects[we need to ignore them additionaly]

1:57 PM 1/29/2016
N DISABLE all lighting - that's a bug!

1:01 PM 1/28/2016
in night mode make absolute darkness like in video[*data uploaded]
dark night mode updated diffuse lighting[*data uploaded]

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