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Guess what, this mod isn't dead. I just took a break from working on it, but now it's coming back with a whole new update.

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The Dreaming City update changes a lot.

The End has now become the Dreaming City! Activate the gateway and slay Riven, the Ahamkara at its heart! The Vex have also begun waking, bringing in their terrifying Hydra, The Templar, to convert the Earth into another one of their collective's machine worlds.

Textures for almost everything in the End have been changed. Other textures outside of the End, such as the textures for the Wither and the Blaze, have also been changed. Certain textures have also been updates such as the Skeleton and the Stray.

The update is almost complete, I just need to work out some of the few issues with it and that is all. I will release immediately when it is ready.

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