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To get the mod's demo now, swing by the Warband Workshop discord server by clicking the icon in the article!

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Hello everybody!

I bet this is a surprise that came out of the blue! Yes, it's true, I have been working tirelessly on a Calradia: Imperial Age reboot/remake, the one you all deserve, re-envisioned for 2020!

This idea has been on the back burner for a while now, but I think it's time to show people what's in store for old and soon to be fans. This is going to be a total re-imagining of Calradia: Imperial Age, taking place in 1717 during the twilight years of the Calradian Empire shortly after the death of it's last monarch. New factions have rooted themselves around the world, whilst some old ones have been claimed by history.

The northern forests of Calradia were conquered by the Swadians forcing the Nords back across the seas once for all. The Rhodoks were the second to be claimed by war in Calradia's 14th century, finally subdued by the Swadian Empire. The Khergits were driven westwards by marauding nomads, fiercer with each wave, though many chose to perish by saber and arrow than live eating out of a Swadian palm, those that settled in eastern Swadia were first mercenaries for lords and merchants, but soon intermingling with the people of the eastern plains, and forming Silesia: Calradia's bulwark against the encroaching east. By the 15th century the Sarranids had made their play to carve out a chunk of Calradia, but they were driven back to the sands by Silesian lance and Swadian lead, abandoning their ancient capital to Calradian rule. Lastly the warlords of the steppes had been driven back east in the 16th century, leaving the steppes to be filled by Vaegir nomads known as 'Cossavians' who would carve out an enlightened kingdom for men who desire to be free.

I hope this article has been interesting, there may be more to come! To get the demo now swing by the Warband Workshop Discord server by clicking the icon below, and don't forget to leave feedback!

Stay safe, have fun.

- Archie Duke

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