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HTML5 build is available (WebGL enabled browsers only, Chrome, Firefox, etc), game is almost done! Any kind of feedback is appreciated!

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Play the demo! - HTML5 build, needs WebGL!

So I'm moving to the final stages of my dragon shooting game, Dragons VS Shooterboy. I'll probably release it someday in May, for any computer that runs Java! So yes, that includes WIndows, Mac and Linux! I'll also release an Android version around the same date and an Iphone version once I'm able to port it. So what is the game about? The game is about dodging those pesky fireballs and shooting dragons to death! Actually, I want the game to be about a difficult experience that you can overcome given enough tries. In that aspect, I think my main inspiration has been the Monster Hunter series, although my game diverges from it a lot, being much more simple. The Megaman Battle Network series has also inspired it quite a bit.

It has been a fun ride, with me coding and doing the art all by myself, so I'm dying for feedback, so please hit me with it!

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