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Dragon's Eye is now available on Steam Early Access for Windows PC for $19.99 with a 15% launch week discount.

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Dragon's Eye is an action adventure game filled with fast paced combat against dangerous creatures in an ever changing open world. Play your way through this adventure as Yen, a brave knight trying to prove his might against Gonti, a dragon that is hellbent on destroying everything in sight.

Time is running out in the land of Northway and Yen is their last hope. Yen's journey takes him through mysterious lands filled with magical weapons, mythical creatures, wizards, and warriors. Can this brave knight find the three magical sword enchantments and face the dragon before the land is lost forever?


An Ever Changing Open World
The night is more dangerous than the day. The land becomes increasingly more dangerous with each passing day. Random weather changes.

Fast Paced Combat
Directional attacks, dodges, rolls, and blocks against fast attacking creatures. Fight with magical swords with flame, ice, and lightning enchantments.

Time is Running Out
Gonti, the dragon grows more powerful with each passing day. Purge the land of the evil and find the sword enchantments to weaken him.

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

Dragon's Eye is playable and is polished to a nearly-finished state up to a certain point in the game's progression. Past that point game elements are a bit less polished and still have some design holes. Here is a list of the currently working and complete features:

  • Enemies based on ice, fire, and electricity, as well as normal enemies
  • Four swords (normal, fire, ice & electricity)
  • Three temples (fire, ice, electricity)
  • Two Bosses
  • An open world that changes based on your progress
  • Simple quest system
  • Mini Map
  • World Map
  • Directional Sword Attacks
  • Block (stuns some enemies & deflects projectiles)
  • Roll/dodge
  • Throw your sword
  • Day and night system
  • NPCs with day/night activity
  • Enemy spawn system that spawns enemies based on the current day, whether it is day or night, and your progress in the game.
  • Auto Save System
  • Collectables
  • Spirit Shrine
  • Potions Shop
  • Dragon Scale Vendor
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