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Dragon Rune is an augmented reality virtual pet game which will be released for mobile, with a likely PC/Mac release. Its key feature is Summoning, using an AR camera mode. This is a feature similar to Snapchat's Lenses, and is a new interaction paradigm that will likely become more and more widespread, especially considering how share-able this is.

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Dragon Rune is an augmented reality mobile game in which you become the mother (or father) of dragons!

You’ve come across an ancient secret – the one rune to rule them all – the rune used by the gods to summon the greatest of myths, the dragon. You draw the rune on your palm and watch as it is enveloped by light. An eyeblink later, an egg. You have barely the time to marvel at it before it hatches, warmed by your hands, before your very eyes.

The dragonling looks up at you, imprinting on you, its summoner. Name it. Feed it. Care for it, and it will grow. Summon it anywhere – it is now at your beck and call.

Key Features

  • Augmented reality dragons as your personal pet, your perfect companion in selfies anywhere
  • Feed and care for your dragon, Tamagotchi/Nintendogs-style
  • Evolution system – because what’s a monster game without that?
  • An active, elemental battle system in which you aim dragonfire on your enemies
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