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Post news RSS Dragon Ball Universe update June 8th 2019

Another big update so soon! A new record of 312 players today! The greatest 2d DBZ open world sandbox MMO just got better.

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DRAGON UNIVERSE 2d mmorpg on gam

Masenko has been added to the game. Nameks can learn it and then teach the other races. Masenko is one of the most damaging beams but can not be sustained very long and has much drain.

NPCs have been improved. There are more NPC types including Namek Amphibian, Cell Clone Larvas, Bears, and a new Saibaman "cousin" called Baiman which is faster but weaker. There are now cowardly NPCs that run from players (Deer). There are birds that just fly around. Their AI has all around been improved.


Added "Jiren" attribute that can be chosen when creating an Alien race. Regular Aliens are somewhat weak but can spend their alien points on many unique skills. Jiren alien is stronger but has very restricted skill choices. Jiren alien is so strong that it does not get a 2nd chance in a fight by getting angry, because all their power is already channeled into their base form.

flying through the sky

Humans & Nameks now are better teachers than other races. When a Human or Namek is training another player, that player will gain student points from them 50% faster, so that their master can teach them more skills quicker.

Lowered humans Battle Power (Power Level) mod from 1.33x to 1.1x, but gave them +11 stat points to use during character creation. For reference, a Saiyan has 2x BP mod with 44 stat points. A human now has 1.1x BP mod with 66 stat points.


New Aura choices added.

Made Makankosappo (Special Beam Cannon) Namek only. Other races will have to wish for it from the Dragon Balls. Makankosappo is the only beam that gains power the further it travels, making it very powerful to snipe people off screen with.


Revamped stat menu.

Unlock Potential has been added to the game. Only Nameks & Humans can learn it. Humans because their purpose in the game is a race that can learn almost every skill, even though they lack raw power.

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