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Drag[en]gine Game Engine 1.8.1 and DEMoCap 0.3 has been released with bug fixes and improve motion capture flow for your projects.

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Drag[en]gine Game Engine Release 1.8.1

This release is a follow for the 1.8 and contains some bug fixes and new features including (but not only):

  • Hardened element class property loaders against files with same path but different resource type.
  • Added import rig support to Blender Scripts
  • Fixed animator editor saving broken due to missing switch case statement in save file pattern retrieval

DEMoCap Release 0.3

This version contains:

  • Improves on Multi-Character motion capturing.
  • Improved Project Management.
  • AutoHuman motion transfer supports now properly Chest Tracking using 11-Slot setups.
  • Long neck handling has been improved which allows to motion capture better such characters.
  • Added Device Animation capturing. This captures alongside the actor motion also the position and orientation of each VR device. This allows improving motion captures by examining the VR devices movement or using the capture VR device movement as input for bone constraints.

The video below shows a little overview.

Epsylon Demo

The public demo of the game will be delayed more due to external factors I can not influence. Here the state of the problems I'm facing:

  • Microsoft App Store: Publishing of the Drag[en]gine Package is still stuck in support hell. I'm a few steps forward and close to get it submitted but the gears at Microsoft turn very slowly.
  • Steam: No progress on this front. They are walling.

I'm doing my best to push the demo forward but these external road blocks are preventing getting further. I'll keep you all informed when something moves into the right direction.

OrangeNero - - 6,594 comments

Freut mich zu sehen, dass du gut voran kommst. Es sind ja mittlerweile schon 14 Jahre. Respekt!

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TheRenegadist - - 2,089 comments

That's some cool tech my man, amazing how that wasn't the most practical thing when this project started but it's been in-dev so long new tech has been introduced in the process. Hope the MS and Valve stuff gets sorted soon, would hate to have a project like this be stonewalled by the entry process on those platforms.

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Dragonlord Author
Dragonlord - - 1,934 comments

Just as a little example of what kind of crap I'm dealing with here. MS stone walls the app submission because "it is not related to games". I mean... seriously... a "game engine" and a "game" is NOT related to the games category? That's the kind of crap blocking me and to be honest it starts making me angry because it is kindergarden going on right now.

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Vertelame - - 442 comments

question, they do have that xna game editor still there already?

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Vertelame - - 442 comments

sorry for being an ignorant, but whats ms?

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Dragonlord Author
Dragonlord - - 1,934 comments

MS = Microsoft

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