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Post news RSS Drag[en]gine Game Engine 1.11 and DEMoCap 0.6 Release

Another release ready of Drag[en]gine and DEMoCap. Also working on getting DEMoCap onto Steam.

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Drag[en]gine Game Engine Release 1.11

Some of the changes:

popup menu

  • Improved GridLayout to support reverse layout axes.
  • Added support to reorder list box elements using a mouse listener.
  • Added Clipboard support. TextArea uses this now as well as DEMoCap.
  • Fixed various bugs and improved stability.

See the full changelog here: Changelog Release 1.11.

Download from Microsoft App Store: Drag[en]gine Game Engine, IGDE (Editors)

DEMoCap Release 0.6

Some of the changes:

  • Fixed various problems with Auto First Person View Motion Transfer.
  • Added Guide Twist support to improve handling knees without trackers attached.
  • Improved elbow tracker placement and inverse kinematic calculations. Requires Base IK animation to be created in a specific way to get the best result.
  • Added Wiki page showing how to best prepare characters for motion capture: Prepare Character.
  • Added protection against accidently recording without selecting first a Captured Object (so called free recordings).
  • Added Auto Exporting. This allows to make multiple captures in a row each being automatically exported with predictable file name.
  • Added Stage Directions support. This allows the MoCap Operator to set up stage directions before the MoCap session begins. During the MoCap session the actor can then see the stage directions on his VR Wrist Menu to make sessions more efficient.
  • Added panel buttons to VR Wrist Menu. This allows the actor to switch panels without needing to use the large VR Menu.

The DEMoCap submission to the Microsoft App Store is still blocked and I don't know how to get this process deblocked. Instead started adding the Steam Store Page. This also serves to put together the distribution files required for Drag[en]gine based projects to be easily deployed on Steam.

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