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Here's the frequently asked questions we've been answering! May be updated in the future if more questions are asked.

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Here's the frequently asked questions we've been answering! May be updated in the future if more questions are asked. If you have do have any more questions, please email us at mail@downwindthegame.com or add one of the developers and we'll answer ASAP.

What is DownWind?

DownWind is a game being developed by a small group of close friends. It is a game about a leaf who must brave the forest it once called home in search for a way to leave. Using the wind to glide and using forest ladybugs to soar higher, the leaf must overcome the many threats the forest presents. That is the shortest description of our game; DownWind.

When will DownWind release?

DownWind does not currently have a release date but it can be expected to launch sometime Q2 2016. We won’t release the game until we’re comfortable with the quality of the game. It’s our baby, afterall. We’re not just going to hand it over to strangers without making it look good first.

How much will it cost?

DownWind does not currently have a price tag yet. We’ll know more about that once we get a clear look at how much content will be in the final version. Early estimations of the price-point are between $5 - $10USD but this is subject to change.

What kind of hardware do I need?

DownWind does not currently have a minimum or recommended hardware list -- once again, we’ll know closer to the date of launch. Early estimations suggest that to play DownWind on normal settings at a constant 60fps will require a CPU clocked in at about 2.2GHz. Once again, this is subject to change.

Is DownWind going to be available on Linux and Mac?

We are fully committed to getting DownWind on those platforms but we’re focussing on a PC release as we build the game. We aim to have ports for those platforms available at either launch or shortly after launch but we’re definitely committed to getting those platforms DownWind access.

Is DownWind going to be available in other languages?

DownWind will use English natively but we hope to have options to toggle subtitles for the following languages at launch; French, German, Russian and Spanish. More languages will possibly and probably be added after launch through the miracle of cloud-based updates.

Will DownWind have Steam Trading Cards and Achievements?

We definitely plan to have Steam Achievements in the game at launch. We hope to also have Steam Trading Cards at launch as well, but if they aren't in at launch, we'll have them post-launch.

Who is working on DownWind?

The dedicated team behind DownWind is as follows; Jackson (ZealotOnPC - Design/Narrative/Marketing), Jordan (Nadroj - Programming/Art), Dylan (Ictoan_ - Composer), Mike (Sound Design) and Cr1TiKaL (Monster - Narration). We’re a close-knit group of friends with a serious passion for making DownWind as good as it could be.

Cr1TiKaL -- the youtuber?

The one and only. Cr1TiKaL (Penguinz0) will be providing his unique voice for the game as lead narrator. He is a close friend and a massive member of our team. We couldn’t pull of DownWind without him.

Will the Soundtrack be available to purchase?

The soundtrack is planned to release alongside the game on Steam (if we get greenlit). Pricing is yet to be decided. The soundtrack will also be available in a bundle with the game upon launch (if we get greenlit).

How can I help out?

There are plenty of ways you could help out, thanks for asking! You could vote on the project (if you have already -- thank-you SO MUCH, it means a whole lot to us). You could favourite and follow the project. You could share the project with your friends if they share the same interests. You could post to your favourite social network about our baby (DownWind). You can follow us on twitter (@downwindthegame) or you can get in touch with us by adding us! Oh, and feel free to leave comments on this greenlight page! We’d love as much feedback as we can possibly get!

How can I contact you?

You can email us at mail@downwindthegame.com or through the website at http:www.downwindthegame.com/contact. You can also join our fan-run steam group at; Steamcommunity.com.

I’m the press! How do I get into contact with you?

You can email us at the above addresses or add me (ZealotOnPC) and send me a message. We also have a presskit set up at www.downwindthegame.com/press.. Please get in touch with us as soon as you can! Press coverage from anyone would be amazing!

Can I add your game to my public collection?

Of course, we'd love it if you did! Feel free to add us to anything you'd like! We're all yours.

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