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In this update I'll explain the new downloads added and general progress on development.

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Hey everyone,

I have added 2 downloads in the download section. The first is a very simple prototyping application written to test planetary orbits and their calculations. It was mainly built to optimize performance and to test the piece of code involving 'circular' orbits.

The 2nd (and latest) download which was added is the prototype you saw in the video. Work on a really playable prototype is still ongoing, and built from the codebase of the XNA unit movement prototype of a few years ago. The code of that is optimized a lot and offers a good base as only real gameplay code has to be built on top of that. Progress on that is slow but steady, and I hope to showcase a video showing it by june or july. A playable prototype will then only take a short time after that. This is, if all goes according to plan. The XNA converted prototype is a good thing to put available though, because the performance it gets on various machines is a good indicator for how intensive the game can get in terms of performance. So I'd be happy to see feedback on that!

The 2nd soundtrack has also been produced by F-777, and is available here in the video section or just see it here below:

So unfortunately I have not anything really new to show besides this, but development is still ongoing! So stay tuned!

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