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Downfall of the State is an upcoming immersive shooter that has set the precedent for all future open world games. The game was Greenlit within the space of a week and has gained significant traction with the community. The game was created to sate the contemporary crave for immersion within a realistic and hardcore environment.

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Key Features

  • Faction based combat allows you to play from multiple perspectives and encourages a large variation in gameplay depending on the strengths/weaknesses of the factions themselves as well as the chosen campaigns, equipment and personnel.
  • Open world conquests/campaigns ensure that the options are never linear - if you decide that a tank convoy is the way to go over a conventional paratroop drop then 'so be it'.
  • Assume the position of any of your deployed units in realtime. Whilst deployed units will auto resolve battles on their own you can abandon control of a squad to control another in order to provide more convincing co-ordination.
  • The 'imperium' system represents a factions influence within a state (or province). The imperium of a state can be boosted in a multitude of ways ranging from military to diplomatic methods although each state's populous will have varying levels of hostility towards your actions.
  • Each faction isn't bound to its initial goals, if you want to flip the table and convert the U.E.F. (United Expeditionary Force) into a warmongering subjugator then you can by all means do so! The decisions you make however have differing effects rendering certain strategies more potent than others for each faction.
  • Each player begins with a signature set of gear that can be upgraded over time. However, certain combinations of otherwise inaccessible gear may be more strategically advantageous depending on the unit types.

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