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Double Jumping and a new star system. Outlines what is to come and what the latest ability is to affect the universe.

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3/13/2013 Update

Double jumping has finally been finished. In the newest star systems time dilation will be replaced with a useful double jump that emits an explosion of sparks. Time dilation may still appear in some levels, however double jumping will give more possibilities for users to navigate levels and time dilation is more of a learning curve then a feature. I will make sure that features are addressed in every star system's tutorial as features are added or removed.

Seeing that i have already spilled the beans; I am beginning work on another star system. Some highlighted level concepts include a snowy world with a abandoned research base, a sandy planet with raging sandstorms, a rocky planet with a rather large crater, and the ashes of a planet consumed by nuclear fire.

If anyone is experiencing any bugs with the tutorial please let me know. During a test i discovered that in some circumstances, times would not save to user's computers. If this is the case please let me know, so i can do my best to deliver a good product.


Snow Base
- An image from a snow level under development

- Kyle

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