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After a significant setback that prevented us from updating last week, we're back with the release right around the corner.

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Hello everyone! I'd like to start by apologizing for the lack of update last week. Making a long story short we learned the value of backups the hard way. We didn't lose everything, far from it, but we lost a lot of progress and ended up having to play catch up these past two weeks. But now we've not only succeeded in catching up, but surpassed what we've lost with numerous improvements.

Most notably we added music, a death animation for the enemies, reworked visual effects, and a much more versatile enemy spawning system that will help make waves flow much more smoothly than by having every enemy involved in one spawn at the same time, which used to cause all sorts of issues, not only for pathing but balance as well.

Speaking of balance, a new round of private alpha testing resulted in a lot of balance changes including enemy speed, turret attack speed, damage and resource management. We're essentially doing what we can to bring things closer and closer to completion in time for next week, hell we even implemented a way for you to replace the turrets already placed and we intend to work on a simple leveling mechanic to give the resources more use beyond just building. No promises on that last part, though. Time is short, and we still have no shortage of things to do. In the meantime allow me to thank those of you who have stayed with us from the start, I hope you've enjoyed seeing this game getting built from the ground up.

As always remember to follow us on twitter! We're probably going to update it with the trailer as soon as it's done.

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