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Post news RSS Done detailing the island! :3

Now that the islands are done, the time has come to put some details into them, and now they are done too! :3

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Finally, after over a year of working on this, it's getting to the point where it is presentable an ready for a test. There is a total of 410 unique objects in the island scene in Blender, but with duplicates of objects in Unity 3D, there is a lot more.

Details are in! :3

The difficulties with adding details are primarily performance concerns, but with navmesh, that becomes a big issue too. That is why I have tried, and will try as I start optimising this, to keep paths open and easy to navigate. The gap limit for where Mya can pass through is not the biggest one, so expect to see some tweaks to object positions.

Details are in! :3

Some objects I made only appear in one place, and even though they are minor, they play a big part in making the game world seem more complete. Without attention to detail, the game world will look empty. Even supposedly desolate areas like post-apocalyptic wasteland have attention to detail in them. Just look at Wasteland 2 for this. But then again, you can get away with a simple gradient if you want the minimalist approach. (The windmills in the background in the picture below are going to spin in the wind. :3)

Details are in! :3

What is next is getting the game mechanics in, and make sure they are working. It's a bit of a complex issue when you have branching dialogue trees and making sure that dialogue and actions impact the course of the game, but it's coming, and it will be good!

Thank you for your time. I hope you will enjoy Catmouth Island once it gets here. Meanwhile, you can check out our other game Chairspin! :3

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This game looks amazing!

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We're trying our best to make it play as nice as it looks. :3c

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