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Post news RSS Dominoze Update #5: Roads and terrain elevation

Players will now be able to lay down roads to put their dominoes on, and terraforming is back in a limited capacity!

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I lost a week of time due to Hyperspace Pinball bugs, and a fair bit of another week due to a new side-scroller game I've been tinkering with; but I finally got some new stuff to show!

The good news is that, since the previous update, I've restored the "raise terrain elevation" feature and added another where you can pave roads beneath dominoes. I used the same Catmull-Rom spline technique used to create domino paths to generate the road. I also fixed that pesky bug where dominoes would not appear where a player was trying to put them.

The bad news is that I'm having trouble staying motivated; it's just not fun working on the game lately. I have a design document that pretty well describes everything...but I'm filled with doubts over how well the game will do and the learning curve involved in people playing it. I think the next thing I need to do is:

- Step back for a while until the motivation comes back (it always does eventually)

- Make a level design for level 1; even if it only takes 20 seconds in MS paint.

- Make the -entire- game just be one level. Don't think about in-app coin purchases, the sandbox editor or anything else. Level 1 should have all the bells and whistles it will have in the gold release: a celebration with balloons or fireworks at the end, visual cues, and all the mechanics necessary to make it all work in single player mode.

- Get all the art done for level 1. It needs to be gold release quality art...no going six months down the road thinking "I still don't know how I want it to look."

- Make sure it's tested on a tablet and the PC.

- Get it looked at by 1 person. By 5 people. By 50 people...see how fast everyone picks up on it and understands what's going on.

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