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In this release: improved user interface, a new simplified view of the city, new graphics is included for building and technology, new settings.

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Domi Bellique: what's new in version 0.1.2

Domi Bellique is a turn based strategic game, 4X (explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate). The game is somehow similar to Civilization IV for city development and to Civilization V from unit movement and the combat system.

The game development is still experimental but the core rule engine is near to the completion. A preview release is scheduled to be released every one or two months.

Improved user interface


The user interface now include a map with the discovered world and a event list with the most important achievements of the turn.

A new simplified view of the city:

City Panel

In the released version only one screen will allow to monitor all the city

New graphics included for building and technology:

Technology dialog

New map generation
The new generation procedure is able to produce many different continents.

Continents on huge map

New settings
Now the player can start in one of the different era ("Ancient", "Classic", "Medieval", "Renaissance", "Industrial", "Modern", "Atomic", "Information", "Future"), acquiring all the technologies of the previous eras, can choose the handicap level (i.e. a different difficult level).

The option "stack of doom" define how many units can occupy the same cell.

New Improved AI
AI continue to be poor even at the deity level, but can now elaborate some strategies to conquest the world. Also, if it discovers your civilization and thinks that you army is weak, it probably will declare war to you, if not involved in other fights.

AI can try to exchange technology and can use workers to improve the territory.

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