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Flutter Bombs will be arriving to both PS4 and Steam very soon! Here's to hoping my marketing campaign generates some laughs.

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Managed to tweak a bunch of stuff in Flutter Bombs based on feedback. I'll have leaderboards integrated into the game by this fall. Also wrapped up two ports: PS4 and Steam. I'm just starting to prep for porting to Nintendo Switch as well. As every indie developer knows, half the battle is marketing. And while i haven't really picked up the reigns on that marketing battle as much as i should have by this point, i have started to develop a few sketch comedies based on the advertising campaign that promotes local coop play among gamer couples and friends. So here you go, and hopefully a get a knee-jerk laugh out of it :)

"I remember my first F-Bomb"

"Dropping an F-Bomb when you're in-between games"

"Dropping some F-bombs is a great way to kill time"

Anyhow, will continue to brainstorm ways to create more dialogue with these two very cliche characters, and there has actually been a request to create a mini-game with them as well, so who knows where that might lead.

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