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Kitatus Studios push new Alpha update to Desura ready for their Alphafunding launch on the 24th. The new alpha brings a temporary Hubworld as well as fixes from feedback from previous Alphas!

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What's up, guys 'n galls?
How has your day/s been? Here at Kitatus Studios, we've been muchos busios (Kitatus Slang Translator: Pretty Busy) with creating a brand-spanking new alpha ready for our Desura Alphafunding launch on the 24th and I'm here to let you know what we've done in terms of progress and updates for the alpha!

As you can notice from the above update, it's not a snow level. Oh no. The key behind Distro Horizons is that we're using many different dimensions to create many unique different environments for players to explore. The screenshot you see above is of the temporary Hubworld (A place that connects all the levels) that takes place on Galaximo's Spacestation. This is only a temporary hubworld while we work on the finished one for the final product, but it's fully explorable so I hope when you guys 'n gals have the chance to give it a go when it drops on Desura on the 24th!

We've also made some adjustments to the pause menu, added a proper pause controller (Shout out to the Unity Asset: Available here) as well as used the localisation asset to make sure Distro is available in your language* (However, if you don't speak any of THESE languages, then you're outta luck. Drop me a message and I'll patch your language in ready for the next alpha build!)

A list of everything changed in the alpha is here, as well as a notice about how this alpha might be more resource-heavy then all the past/future alphas: CLICK ME, CLICK ME!

That's all for today guys 'n gals. I hope you're as excited for the Desura Alphafunding launch as we are! There's still a lot to add, but we're on the fast-track to final build. If you do head over the Desura page, be sure to say hello and if you have any questions on how we did anything for the project or just general chit-chat, feel free to drop us a line: contact@kitatusstudios.co.uk.

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Thanks for reading,
- Ryan S, Project Lead (And very, very tired).

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