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New research discoveries, graphs, NPC taming and description updates.

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Practice Makes Perfect
As 286 of you have discovered already, crafting discoveries are now live and ready to be discovered.

The Nyquist limit
The Military graph on the herald was incorrectly sampling NPC troop movements and rolling that into the count. The NPCs have been removed - although max/min have been set to the same for the recent history, this will correctly be displayed as time goes on.

This player only graph will now correctly reflect players actions. For example you can see what happened the Sunday when gathering was released, above. (Note this includes diplomats and armies, but not caravans or gatherers)

The Lysine Contingency
Rampaging NPC hoards have been finally be brought under control; which with trade live is obviously very important.
Knowledge is power
The research description for Guild Administration has been updated to more accurately represent what it does. As have the following building descriptions: Marketplace, Brewery, Paddock, Fletcher, Spearmaker, Blacksmith, Forge, Tannery, Swordsmith, Plate, Armourer, Horse Trainer, Skinner's Guild, Miner's Guild, Herbalist's Guild, Merchant's Guild, Cottage, Spearsmith, Bowyer, Chain Armourer and Leather Armourer.

Perpetual Motion
A huge number of bugs have been resolved; but alas a few more to go.

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