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Game review at RTS Guru: RTS Guru mark: 7 of 10

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Danny 'Tenebrion' Wojcicki tackles another review for RTSGuru by taking Polynetix's Direct Hit: Missile War for a spin. Never heard of it? Danny's not surprised, but definitely thinks you should check it out.

"Direct Hit: Missile War, published by Impulse and developed by Polynetix, is a strategy game you’ve probably never heard of. And, to be perfectly honest, I’m surprised that this game hasn’t made a little more noise among strategy gamers, because it’s actually pretty damn fun. In short, it’s a real time strategy game where the player builds and manages a futuristic military base, acquires resources, researches new technology, and manufactures missiles to be used in the utter destruction of nearby enemy facilities. The game is simple, sleek, and enjoyable, though admittedly not without a few flaws....."
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