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This is a short progress report of where we currently are in the development of Din's Curse.

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I thought you guys would like a little progress report of where things are now on Din's Curse. I just finished a big quest pass which was one of the major things I needed to do before we get to alpha. I still need to update the master server and do a bunch of little things on my todo list. After that we will get into heavy alpha testing. Hopefully alpha will start within the next couple weeks.

I'm not positive how long we will be in full alpha testing. It could be anywhere from a couple weeks to a month depending on how smoothly things go and how much more I decide to add to the game. Either way beta shouldn't be too long after we start our alpha testing. I'm still planning on doing the preorder thing when we get to beta. So if you want to, you will be able to preorder to get a lower price and get early access to the beta builds.

I'm pretty happy that my todo list has actually been shrinking for a little while. It was pretty steady at 600 items for a while. Now it is down to about 250. :)

So that's where we are. I think things are looking good and that this is going to be our best game ever. I'm biased of course.

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