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Drift Into Eternity is a futuristic survival game in which you play a crewmember of a distressed spaceship drifting into eternity, so far from any civilization that there is no hope of rescue. You're alone. Desperately alone.

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Drift Into Eternity

Futuristic Survival Game

Survival Games are quite popular these days! Easy to understand why: Avoiding death is part of our natural instincts, and what better way to tickle them than from the comfort of our home! Such games have not yet invaded the market and it's a good niche for Indie Games. Drift Into Eternity brings you along these uncharted grounds as a Survival Game without enemies of any kind... and you'll soon understand why, as the environment itself is already hard enough to deal with!

Game description:

Set to release on December 1st 2016, Drift Into Eternity (D.I.E) is an immersive First Person Survival Game. Trapped in a wrecked ship, you struggle to stay alive. Repair the damaged systems, close the many hull breaches, and try to withstand your thirst and hunger- while keeping up your morale. Along the way, these struggles will help you figure out what happened and if there's a chance of survival, otherwise, it will just be a matter of when you'll die. Observe, study, explore... and maybe you'll linger on!

Download link:

Steam: Store.steampowered.com

Press-kit: Wearebots.fr

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