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For the past two weeks a lot of attention has been put on making graphical UI changes! here comes a summary of what we created for our commander abilities.

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Added GUI and more gameplay

For the past two weeks a lot of attention has been put on making graphical UI changes and improving gameplay, this includes commander abilities that now uses a consume system where you can have X quantity of skill but you will lose one after each use, currently we are testing giving out a random card at the start of each round.
We are also using both our planned resources (AP) action points for all movement and unit skills while (CP) control points now only matters for the commander cards.

Just to demonstrate how it looks right now I added a little scenario where the top left unit gets attacked from the top mounted crossbow and later uses repair to restore some of it’s lost life.
Remember that all the graphics are still in a very early stage and NOT final.

To restore the lost hp we used the one repair commander ability that we got this round.

Having these graphical improvements combined with the gameplay additions now makes it easier to add new skills & abilities while getting a better sense of how it will be used.

We also decided to make movement easier as well by making it have a fixed cost to move within the range of whatever range the movement skill/legs your unit has, this also promotes moving longer distances and engaging with melee units will be cheaper.

The focus now will be shifted a bit towards the unit building and selecting the units you want to fight with, hopefully I can bring some more technical articles later.

thanks for checking Acaratus out! we hope you are as excited as we are!

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